Who will see my digital business card?

We attempt to show your digital business card, on Facebook, Instagram and the Web, to your most recent email contacts. This keeps you top of mind with your most recent contacts.

How do I edit my digital business card?

You can edit your card at any time from the “Design” tab of the application.

Will I see my own business card?

Yes, you’ll always be in your own audience, but we can’t guarantee that we’ll be able to match your email address to a
Facebook or Instagram profile.

Which plan should I buy?

When you purchase your campaign, you will choose which platforms you want your card to appear on:  Facebook and Instagram, Websites (including LinkedIn) or a combination.

We recommend purchasing the combination plan to ensure your contacts see your digital business card everywhere possible online.

What if I don’t want someone to see my card?

Contacts you don’t want to see your card can be set to "Always excluded" from the "Audience" page. These contacts will never see your digital business card.

When is my audience updated?

We add new email contacts to your audience immediately after you send them an email.